Knee Deep in Grass

by Wes Miller

Released 2007
Shed Music
Released 2007
Shed Music
Traditional Bluegrass. Mr. Buddy Spicher featured on fiddle. Available as a CD or MP3 Download.
Traditional bluegrass with 3 new originals and some great songs that you might already know.

Wes Miller is the real thing. He hails from southeast Indiana. Born in the hills. Lives in the hills. And he sings and picks about the things that go on in the hills.

Wes’s vocals are reminiscent to some of your favorite old country singers with a style that’s only Wes Miller.

On Knee Deep in Grass Wes surrounded himself with some of his favorite players and pickers.

Wes Miller - lead vocals, lead guitar & banjo.

James Miller - mandolin, and lead vocals on his song "Stella Sue."

Buddy Spicher - fiddle

Tracey Daugherty - rythm, and vocals on "Six Feet of Sod" and "I'd Like to be a Train."

Kenny Waters and Mike Selke - bass

From bluegrass instrumental breakdowns to songs that tell country living stories, it features some especially wonderful fiddle playing from the renouned Buddy Spicher.

If you enjoy old country and bluegrass, you’re going like this pure and authentic string and vocal music.

Wes Miller is a Shed Music recording artist with 5 released albums.

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  • Aug 24
    Private,  Liberty